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Hi all,

So here are some of the basic points regarding our decision on dues:

  • If we stay under 35 members, our annual membership to Time Banks USA for usage of the software will be $99, but if we go above that, our membership will be $500.
  • We also want to have a little extra per person to cover costs of social activities, literature we may want to purchase for the group, office supplies if we print brochures for recruitment, scholarship memberships for low income members, etc.
  • Dues of $15 per person should cover us if we stay under 35 members, but if we think we will soon go over that, $25 per person will be needed . . . unless we have a recruitment boom and get up to about 75 members, at which point $15 would again be sufficient. These numbers are from their chart based on their experience. We probably could get away with $15 per person at 50 members if we were frugal, I think, but better to be safe than stuck in the lurch?
  • So some options: start at $15 per person with the understanding that next year dues could go up, and in the meantime, try to keep membership under 35; OR start at $25 and be safe; OR start at $15 or $20 and try to recruit more friends quickly so that we can cover enough to pay $500 by the time our six month “free” period has ended.
  • Time Banks USA (TBUSA) also recommends that groups add a time dollar element to the yearly dues as well, like 2 hours per person per year. I think this is a good idea because it could help us get the bank going and encourage activity in the bank. These 2 hours could be time helping with the running of the bank, like training new members on the software, designing a brochure or leading a presentation on how our bank works at a future pot luck. Alternatively, people could also donate to the group coffer two hours of their time earned providing their regular skill services to other members, and we can then use those group hours as rewards, etc.

What do you all think? Does anyone else have any different (better(?)) ideas?



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3 Responses

  1. movablewalls says:

    I say we just start at $15 and then play it by ear. I think we’re still trying to decide how big to make this thing.

    I guess we also need to figure out how people join the time bank in the future.

  2. csuphoto says:

    My 2-cents on Dues:

    I think that $ 15 is a good place to start; along with the understanding that if membership climbs above 35, dues would rise and all current members would need to chip in an additional $ 10. I don’t think aspiring to 75 members is a good idea at the outset.

    CSUPhoto = Mark Slankard (its the name of my wordpress teaching blog)

  3. michellemurphy says:

    I think we should start at $15.00 and see if we have a lot of interest or not, and take it from there. I am okay with a dues increase later knowing that our community has grown and our services exchange will include more skills and experience.

    For my 2 hours of free time bank to start….I saw Maria’s suggestion for a brochure design. I am very interested in designing our info/recruitment brochure. I could design a version for print and a version for email. Let me know!

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