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For discussion: Leadership roles

Hi all,

We need some people who are interested in filling some leadership roles in the time bank. I think that we can adjust their recommendations to our own needs, but I do think we need some people willing to take charge of some aspects of the bank. I don’t think that these roles will take very much time, especially after we get the bank off the ground. I think the most important thing is that we have some people who are excited about the bank and that way we can feed off of each other’s energy.

Each person will only be expected to fill the role for six months (we can change this number if people would like), so that it’s not a huge commitment and so that we spread the feeling of ownership broadly over the group. It is also suggested that we have a backup person in each role, like an understudy or assistant, so that if the main person is sick, out of town, etc. there will be someone who can step in and also so that when the six month rotation is up, we’ve got another person ready.

Here are the roles they recommend, with some descriptions. These are, as always, flexible, but I think it will be good for us to decide that roles we do want filled for our bank and what the responsibilities will be.

  • “Time Bank Ambassador:” Mainly in charge of recruitment, networking, perhaps hosting some future potlucks, outreach to other local groups, putting together fliers/brochures about our time bank.
  • “Membership Coordinator:” Getting to know all the members in the bank and their skills/needs, new member orientation, keeping in touch with members (letting them know about upcoming events, etc.), helping to make matches. This is one that I would be willing to do for the first rotation.
  • “Events Coordinator:” Coordinate and plan periodic social gatherings for the group. They recommend monthly gatherings, but I think we could do quarterly, or every other month. Obviously everyone doesn’t have to come to every party, but we still don’t want to overload people’s schedules. It is important to have some gatherings, though, because a sense of community is an important element of the time bank, and the better we know each other, the more comfortable we will feel making matches. These could also be group outings, like apple picking or sledding. The events coordinator might also work on a time bank “open house” along with the ambassador, or work with time bank members who would like to lead a class to schedule such an event (yoga, cooking, etc.)
  • “Web Master:” Training members and trouble shooting on the Community Weaver software, as well as keeping up our community page on the software and this blog. This person would read the software manual that I assume we will receive, and would also be the contact person for technical issues to TBUSA.
  • “Admin:” Organizing, especially, taking care of dues, petty cash, TBUSA membership payments, fund raising (if this is something we decide we need to do–from what I can tell, this usually becomes an issue for really big and ambitious time banks that have a paid staff member or become a 501(c)(3)).
  • “Team Leader:” Makes sure that all the leadership roles have a primary and backup person and that everyone is happy in their positions, not burned out, and so forth. I’m not sure that this is absolutely necessary, but if someone is interested, it would be nice. Alternatively, we could combine these duties with one of the other jobs.

Let me know what you think of this breakdown–does it sound like a good plan? Anything important missing? Anyone want to volunteer (please!)? As I said, I’ll be happy to start as the Membership Coordinator, but as it stands now, I’m the default for all of them.



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4 Responses

  1. movablewalls says:

    I could occupy the Web Master role in this first go-round.

  2. hoyt44 says:

    Sorry to have missed the last meeting; I was out of town. I would be happy to talk to you more about aspects of the admin position. There is going to be a separate checking account, right? I think I recall talk of that …

  3. clevelandtimebank says:

    Yes, I think that was what we had discussed. Like a bank account for the “club–” I think that is what has been recommended, and then a few members would be signers on the account. . .

  4. kristinbly says:

    Kristin Bly here: I’d like to take on the events coordinator role, and also help out with membership (mostly, because we still have room to grow, helping with recruiting NEW members). I guess that would be more of a “recruiting coordinator,” but that’s not expressly one of the roles…. just sayin…. Anyway, I have a few additional friends who are interested, but who could not make the last meeting, so….

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