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I’m excited about this group.  My wife Cigdem, 2-year old daughter Audrey, and I moved to the area late last summer.  We don’t know a lot of people here yet, so this group seems like a really good fit.  We’re really liking the Cleveland area, and are eager to build a community of friendship and support.  I live on the west side (Rocky River) and teach photography at CSU.

 I’m from southern Indiana.  I got my MFA (and my Turkish wife) from Ohio University, and taught for 6 years in West Virginia.  I’m writing from IN where I’m visiting my parents.  I just played my first softball game in 30 years with some old high school friends.  I earned the nickname “Combat Barrel Roll”. 

 I might use some help:

  • Putting in a paver patio: could use someone with Bobcat experience
  • Making wooden frames for some large photographs
  • Babysitting, parents who could provide a combined playdate with our 2-yr old preferred
  • Landscaping / gardening help (is THIS a weed?)
  • Help updating my personal website, and learning more about the software (Dreamweaver and Flash)
  • Help dealing w/ snow in the winter (anyone got a plow? Snow blower?)
  • Providing my students w/ art or photo related field trips – to studios, galleries, etc.
  • Help getting a decent family portrait (I can provide the equipment and space)

 Help I might provide:

  • I have a pickup truck
  • I have a roof rake (for snow)
  • Digital documentation of artwork
  • Studio assistance
  • Software: Photoshop, and some Illustrator and InDesign
  • Childcare (esp. as a combined playdate w/ my 2-yr old)
  • Unskilled whatever (painting rooms, hitting things with hammers, etc.)
  • Limited photography services

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  1. kristinbly says:

    Hi Mark (Kristin Bly here):

    It was really nice meeting you and Chi and Audrey at our house, and glad y’all are here in Cleveland and getting involved with this Time Bank…

    On that topic, I think (for starters) I can provide some web assistance for both you and Chi (I saw the request on her profile as well…). Maybe, once we get going, I can teach a class or two, as I think there are other people as well. But, anyway, just wanted to reach out, say hi, and keep the TB stuff marinating, etc… I’m sure we’ll talk soon. Uuuuhm, my site that I’ve built ( a bit longing for some new updates)can be found here:

    take care / talk soon

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