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I am Cigdem (“chee” as in the first part of cheese and “dem” as in the first part of democrat) . I also go by Chi. I am from Turkey, and I have lived in the US since 1999. I am a filmmaker and an adjunct professor at CSU. My husband Mark, our two-year-old daughter Audrey and I moved to the area last summer. I am very excited about the group.

 Here are some things I can offer:

  • Childcare
  • Hosting a playgroup for 2-3 year olds
  • Turkish lessons
  • Final Cut Pro lessons
  • DVD Studio Pro lessons
  • Dubbing VHS tapes to DVDs
  • Recording your favorite TV shows onto DVDs
  • Studio assistance (skilled in video, not so skilled in other areas)

 Here are some things I could use:

  • Childcare
  • Web design lessons
  • Vegetarian meals
  • Help around the house

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Michelle Murphy

profile picture

profile picture

I am a local artist, professional photographer,and photography instructor at the Cleveland Institute of Art.

I am excited to participate in this exchange.

Some things I would like to contribute to this group:

Family Portraits
Individual portraits or headshots
Mural painting
Roller skating lessons
Grocery shopping on Sundays

Some things that I would like to learn/receive from this group:

Home improvement stuff (once Matt and I purchase our home)
Help moving to our new house
Piano lessons
Sewing – Learning how to sew skirts and dresses and how to make patterns
(I have a machine and I am a beginner)
Web Design help or lessons

Thank you!  🙂

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Hi, I’m Mark



I’m excited about this group.  My wife Cigdem, 2-year old daughter Audrey, and I moved to the area late last summer.  We don’t know a lot of people here yet, so this group seems like a really good fit.  We’re really liking the Cleveland area, and are eager to build a community of friendship and support.  I live on the west side (Rocky River) and teach photography at CSU.

 I’m from southern Indiana.  I got my MFA (and my Turkish wife) from Ohio University, and taught for 6 years in West Virginia.  I’m writing from IN where I’m visiting my parents.  I just played my first softball game in 30 years with some old high school friends.  I earned the nickname “Combat Barrel Roll”. 

 I might use some help:

  • Putting in a paver patio: could use someone with Bobcat experience
  • Making wooden frames for some large photographs
  • Babysitting, parents who could provide a combined playdate with our 2-yr old preferred
  • Landscaping / gardening help (is THIS a weed?)
  • Help updating my personal website, and learning more about the software (Dreamweaver and Flash)
  • Help dealing w/ snow in the winter (anyone got a plow? Snow blower?)
  • Providing my students w/ art or photo related field trips – to studios, galleries, etc.
  • Help getting a decent family portrait (I can provide the equipment and space)

 Help I might provide:

  • I have a pickup truck
  • I have a roof rake (for snow)
  • Digital documentation of artwork
  • Studio assistance
  • Software: Photoshop, and some Illustrator and InDesign
  • Childcare (esp. as a combined playdate w/ my 2-yr old)
  • Unskilled whatever (painting rooms, hitting things with hammers, etc.)
  • Limited photography services

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While eating a peanut butter sandwich …



Hi, this is Hoyt. I am typing this while working at SPACES, where Chris is my boss. But I’m eating lunch at the same time, so let’s call it a sanctioned break, k?

About me: I live in Berea with my husband Dan, our vicious Norfolk terrier Winks, and Paco, the best cat ever. I spend more time reading than is probably healthy. If the sky is blue instead of putty/gray/white, I am happy. I have lived in Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, and now Ohio … each move has taken me further east. At this rate, we’ll be living in New England by 2012.

I am excited about the time bank concept and hope I can contribute. Here’s what I’m thinking I can offer:

  • Editing, copywriting, proofreading,  etc. (lots of experience at this type of thing)
  • Grantwriting or an introduction to finding funds for nonprofit organizations
  • Rides to the airport (very close to Berea)
  • Babysitting in your home (my house is kid-less, so I don’t have all of the crazy kid gear)
  • Knitting lessons
  • Baking or cooking meals
  • Basic publications design

I need:

  • Mowing, edging, other yard work
  • Home maintenance and interior painting
  • Housesitting
  • Haircuts

Keep me posted on how things progress! Thank you guys for organizing, and let me know what I can do next.


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Hi, Maria. I’m Chris.

Jack Ruby Shoots Chris Lynn

Some nuggets about me:

  • I have lived in Virginia, Utah, Kansas, Missouri, Ohio, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Colorado and then back to Ohio.
  • I won a dinosaur “coloring contest” when I was twelve and I got to be on TV. Other kids are cool when they are twelve.
  • I have a wife: Maria.
  • I have a son: Moses.
  • I have two cats: Fran and Agnes.
  • I don’t have an appendix.

Some services I can offer are:

  • Design/web design
  • Basic woodworking (I have an electric miter saw, random orbital sander, drill, and many other non-power tools)
  • Basic home repair/maintenance (I can do basic plumbing, I have a paint spray gun, and have done much maintenance on homes we’ve owned)
  • Furniture refinishing
  • House-sitting/pet-sitting/just sitting
  • Digital video editing

Some services I could use include:

  • Babysitting
  • Pet sitting/plant watering when we’re out of town
  • Language lessons (but not in a Better Off Dead kind of way)
  • Piano tuning
  • House cleaning
  • Exercise/nutrition training
  • Help selecting a bike

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Hi, I’m Maria

MosesMy name is Maria. I’ve been in Lakewood for almost eight months. I have one son who is almost 16 months old, and my husband Chris runs a gallery. I am interested in time banking because I could use some help with day-to-day and household stuff, plus I really like Cleveland and I’d like to feel more invested in a community here and I am a fan of equity and social change.

Some skills and services I could offer include: cake decorating, sewing, jump rope lessons, running errands, babysitting, and basic locksmithing.

Some things I could use include: a haircut, help cleaning my house, basic car and home maintenance and repair, feeding my cats when I’m out of town, helping with laundry when we’re in the hospital, babysitting my son, music lessons, help with installing art projects, help with research, and help starting a garden.

I grew up in North Carolina, I am the oldest of 5 children, I’m an artist, a vegetarian, I am chronically sleep deprived, love old mystery and detective tv shows, and I have the cutest child known to humanity.

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