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Hi gang,
I must say, I’m pretty new to this blogging experience (if that is in fact what I am doing here)….? Uuuuhm, well, I’d like to reiterate my enthusiasm for the Time Bank, and I’m looking forward to getting things rolling. Below is my initial list of contributions and needs.

S0 — yeah — when do we get together again? I have some friends who are interested in participating. How many people should each of us “core” folks bring to the next potluck? And, again, if y’all wanna have the next one at our house on Fry, it’s cool by me. Lemme know……

Can do:

> minor repairs (misc.) ( >some house work (bulding, painting, cleaning, yard, etc.)
> child care (all ages)
> pet care
> driving assistance
> tutoring / teaching
> copy editing and writing
> bike repair and biking instructions
> computer assistance
> graphic/web design (
> cooking
> candle making

Looking for:
> child care
> garden help
> house work (painting, fixing-up, etc.)
> help in my art studio (studio assistance, as they call it)
> pet care (when traveling, etc.)
> yard work (landscaping, upkeep, etc.)
> small project electronics consulting (for art-related projects)
> help with my own website upkeep


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Here are some links for further perusal:

Time Banking website General information–you can sift through this and find a lot of information. Here are some direct links to highlights from the website:

Community Weaver software tour Get a feel for how the software they offer works. We will get six months usage as part of our start up package.

Frequently Asked Questions

Videos More like the one we watched at the potluck.

Thanks for coming to the potluck today. Feel free to email me with questions, etc. (clevelandtimebank [at] gmail [dot] com) and if you decide that you want to participate, let me know and I’ll set you up as an author on this blog. We can use this as a forum to discuss ideas, plan, share information, etc. Please post any thoughts or links or start a discussion. The core members of our time bank will need to make a few decisions regarding how we want things to run before we start the bank, such as how do we want to recruit new members, what do we want to set as the yearly membership fee, who wants to take on some leadership roles, how often do we want to get together, and so forth.

An important part of time banking is building community, so as we get to know each other better, we will feel more comfortable asking for help, and get a better idea of things we can do for each other. We want this to be fun. Fun. Fun city.

Once we actually start the bank and have access to their software, we can each have a profile on Community Weaver. Until then, please post a little bio here–some background, interests, things you might need, funny stories, photos, whatever. I’ve done a small one to break the ice.

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